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Published on October 31, 2009 By ryventura In Marriage

I've always heard that " A Cigar a day keeps the ladies away" and over the years I've never met a woman who enjoys the smell and taste (if you're kissing) of a cigar.  Unfortunately for me, my wife is one of those ladies who does not enjoy the look, taste, smell, or even thought of a good cigar.  Over the years I've snuck them in on golf trips, in the car, or even outside the office, but recently I just decided to give them up completely.  I came to this decision because of the cost and conflict.  Just wasn't worth the fight any longer, or so I thought...

Last week I was out shopping for a fundraiser that we're running and I saw a big neon open sign hanging over a wooden indian statue.  I thought to myself, that's got to be a sweet store.  As I walked in I wafted the unmistakable aroma of fine made cigars.  What a cool place.  The guy behind the counter looked like a dude out of the movies, patch on one eye, long grey beard, and a leather vest. 

I started to walk around and I noticed these marine corps pendants that were made from silver, gold, and even platinum.  This store had more bling than a Chad Ocho Cinco's smile.   I found my way to the cigar humidifier and I can honestly say that I never had a second thought about my "commitment to stop" my cigar habit.  I was in heaven, every type, size, flavor, and aroma of cigar you could ever imagine sat in front of me.

So... I've stocked back up on breath mints and I've already booked a golf trip.

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